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Odessa Mayor to Hold Town Hall

Odessa Mayor Javier Joven is planning to hold a town hall today, to update citizens on issued facing the city as well as provide an opportunity for citizens to give feedback to their city’s representative.  An event posted on Joven’s campaign Facebook page details that the town hall will be held today, Monday, June 14, […]

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Opinion: Odessa Voters Should Have the Right to Consider Major Public Debt Issues

A quick review of the numbers, and one will realize that local government debt in Texas is a silent crisis in the waiting – with staggering numbers continuously amassing unchecked, unchallenged, and unnoticed.   Odessa is no exception.   A study conducted in 2020 by the Texas Public Policy Foundation found that the principal debt owed by local governments was […]

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Pro-Debt Councilmembers Plot to Censure Mayor Joven

Several Odessa City Councilmembers who are planning to circumvent the voters by issuing $95 million in taxpayer-backed debt have announced their intention to consider censuring Mayor Javier Joven after the mayor came out strongly against the debt issuance this past week.  The censure is being spearheaded by Councilman Steve Thompson, who has claimed the censure […]

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Poll: Odessa Water Infrastructure Should Be Priority Over New Animal Shelter.

The results of a telephone phone conducted by Odessa Headlines over the weekend are in, with 75.4% of the 378 (or 285) registered Odessa voters polled responding that they would prefer the Odessa City Council prioritize critical water infrastructure spending versus using debt to build a new multi-million-dollar animal shelter.  The Odessa City Council is set to […]