Last week the Ector County Republican Party voted to approve a strongly worded “RESOLUTION OF CONDEMNATION OF TEXAS STATE SENATOR KEVIN SPARKSover his early votes to allow the impeachment proceedings of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to proceed.  According to the resolution, Sparks voted twelve times to allow the Paxton trial to proceed despite the fact that 73.9% of Ector County voters voted for Paxton in the last election after the vast majority of the allegations being made by Texas House of Representative prosecutors had already been public knowledge.

According to the Resolution, “…the Ector County Republican Party CONDEMNS the politically motivated and unconstitutional actions of Senator Sparks during the Senate Impeachment Trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton, thereby denying the will of WE THE PEOPLE in seeking to overturn the November 2022 Election of Attorney General Ken Paxton with his votes to continue the impeachment process.”

The Resolution also states “Be it further RESOLVED that the Ector County Republican Party calls on Senator Kevin Sparks to do his duty by voting to acquit Attorney General Ken Paxton and to return him to his rightful role as the Attorney General of the great state of Texas.”

“Local Republicans are extremely frustrated with the current impeachment attempt of one of the most successful Attorney Generals we have ever had in Texas.  Ken has worked tirelessly to promote the conservative values of our state and has been on the frontline of many important battles.  Texas voters spoke loud and clear in the last election for Paxton and House Republicans led by Dade Phenlan and his hitmen clearly put a target on Ken’s back as they attempt to drag Texas further and further left.” stated Ector County Republican Party Chair Tisha Crow,  

“This is clearly an attempt by the Bush/Rove aligned globalists to take out one of our most effective conservative fighters and we were really disappointed in Senator Sparks when he didn’t vote to completely quash the entire impeachment.  Our resolution is strongly worded and calls on Senator Sparks to vote in favor of Paxton on all counts and allow him to return to his rightfully elected position as our Attorney General.” Crow continued.

The thirty-one members of the Texas Senate heard testimony last week and additional testimony is planned for this week with many insiders predicting a vote on impeachment to come by the end of the week.