The May 7 election for the Ector County Independent School District’s two bond propositions is rapidly approaching, and the proposal has sparked a strong conversation from those in the community on both sides of the issue.

Proponents argue that a new high school is needed in Northeast Odessa, as well as a new Career and Technical School, and funding for building maintenance – citing student population growth, and aging infrastructure.

Opponents carry a mixture of reasons why they oppose the two propositions, with some indicating a lack of confidence in school management, the prioritizing of Northeast Odessa over Central and West Odessa, and high costs of living due to inflation and high property taxes.

With early voting beginning April 25, Odessa Headlines is providing this poll to better gauge where the community is on these propositions and the issues behind them. Be sure to check out our recent coverage of the bond election for more details regarding the ballot proposals!  The details of both school bond propositions can be found here.

Note: There are six total poll boxes below. Some devices may prevent readers from initially seeing all six questions, so be sure to continue scrolling down to fully participate.