A U.S. Navy veteran writes that local antagonist Ronnie Lewis’s demeaning comments toward Councilman Greg Connell, who is a U.S. Marine Vet, crossed a line.
(This commentary was submitted for publication and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher.)

For countless months we’ve seen the contempt Ronnie Lewis has for the Republican Party and the conservative leaders on the Odessa City Council, a constant barrage of negativity, throwing any mud he can to the wall to see what sticks. 

I will get right to the point, Ronnie the coward keyboard warrior crossed a line he shouldn’t have when he attacked the record of Odessa City Councilman Greg Connell’s qualification and service as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. 

As a veteran of the United States Navy, my blood boiled over as I read Ronnie’s latest rant published in the local rag newspaper (more on them in a minute) where he accused Councilman Connell of engaging in cronyism and claimed he doesn’t care about his constituents, and then proceeded to diminish Connell’s service record to substantiate his accusations of cronyism. 

No Ronnie, just because you write a crocodile sentence purporting to respect his military service in one breath, and then proceed to disrespect and belittle his service and the leadership qualifications it instilled in him just so you can slander his character in the next breath is what a two faced turtle would do.   

Councilman Connell raised his hand and swore a sacred oath to defend this nation and our constitution, serving our country honorably as a United States Marine. He has raised his hand once again and re-affirmed that oath to serve the people of Odessa as their duly elected City Councilman. 

I know what it means to both step forward and serve our country in the Armed Forces. I also know what it means to serve the community as an elected precinct chair. 

The best I can tell, the most Ronnie has raised his hand to is a beer, and the cowardly keyboard warrior can’t even bring himself to attend city council meetings while he openly belittles real warrior who has served the nation and who does show up to serve again for little or no pay. 

Boot camp would serve Ronnie Lewis well, because then he might learn about the commitment, sacrifice, and integrity that men like Connell have earned that Ronnie will never understand. 

As for the rag newspaper that published his garbage, since they regularly refuse to publish views they disagree with but promoted his article, I can only take away that they endorse his cowardly attack. Typical of the liberal media. 

I for one am sincerely grateful for Councilman Connell’s service to our nation, and to Odessa. 

And as for Ronnie, perhaps he should bother to show up sometime and learn something before you run your mouth in public. 

I would like to see anything you’ve accomplished in your resume that qualifies you to criticize the qualifications and integrity of the U.S. Marine veteran with roughly a decade of service and commendations from the highest military officers for service in public affairs. 

And while you have the audacity to question a veteran, you sit silent about or deny altogether  the scandals that plagued your candidates, like bank fraud and tax evasion. 

By all means keep embarrassing yourself, but disrespecting a military veteran’s qualifications and integrity is out of bounds. 

Aubrey Mayberry is from Odessa, Texas, has served as a Precinct Chair for the Ector County Republican Party, and is a recipient of the Texas Conservative Leaders Award.