The Supreme Court’s decision striking down Roe was hailed as a major
victory for pro-life proponents many of which hoped that their decision would
herald a new era of respect for life in the United States. The Court’s decision
rightly returned the abortion issue to the states correctly noting that under
our Constitution that it was the states that have the clear right to decide –
state by state – where to stand on protecting the lives of the unborn.

Pro-abortion advocates, however, quickly began to foster talk of national
legislation to codify Roe and override state legislatures on the issue. In
recent speeches, President Biden repeatedly stated that the Legislature should
pass legislation ensuring that women have unfettered access to abortion
nationwide and has even hinted that the Senate should abolish the filibuster
rule in order to pass nationwide abortion legislation. Biden’s stated hope is
that he could sign such legislation in January on the 50th anniversary of Roe.

Thirteen states including Texas have either full abortion bans currently
protecting the lives of the unborn while one additional state – Georgia – has a
strong six-week ban on the books.

During the just-completed November 8th election four more Texas cities –
Abilene, Athens, Plainview, and San Angelo – were added to the growing list of
Texas cities that have passed local laws outlawing abortion within city limits
through a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinance. In total there
are now over 40 cities that have acted – either through City Council action or
ballot initiatives – to ban abortion procedures inside their city limits.

It is time that Odessa join the ranks of cities that ban the murder of
unborn children and join the growing chorus that proclaims the sanctity of life
loud and clear.

During the 2020 Odessa City Council races current City Council members Mark
Matta and Denise Swanner and Odessa Mayor Javier Joven made passing a Sanctuary
City For The Unborn ordinance a priority issue during their campaigns. A
proposed ordinance was brought forward several times to either be passed
outright by the Odessa City Council or to be offered as a ballot proposition to
allow Odessa voters to decide the issue. In each instance Matta, Swanner, and
Joven were outvoted by Councilmembers Thompson, White, Willis, and Sprawls. Tom
Sprawls who had promised to allow the issue to come before local voters at the
last minute voted to deny voters the opportunity to vote on the issue.

I am hopeful that with new, conservative Councilmembers being sworn into office
on November 22 that the Odessa City Council will once again bring forward a
Sanctuary City ordinance. Even though the cruel business of abortion is
currently banned statewide we can be sure that pro-abortion forces will
continue to push national legislation that will allow the unfettered murders of
millions of babies each year and I and the many Christians that have been
involved in this fight want to ensure that not one unborn child in sacrificed
is our city. We must unapologetically stand for life.