To reference the movie Groundhog Day – well, it’s election season. Again.

While voters just got through making their voices heard in the May 7 election, the early voting polls will be opening once again this month for the May 24 Primary Runoff Election.

This is only the second election cycle of the year, and it won’t be until later this year when voters will have to return to the voting booth to make their decisions in the November mid-term elections.

On the ballot during this runoff election will be candidates who landed the top two places in their respective party primary elections this past March but were unable to garner over 50 percent of the votes cast in their races, sending the races to gain their party nomination into a final showdown.

This Primary Runoff Election will see candidates vying for the nomination to some of the top statewide offices, as well as county-wide and precinct-level races.

Early voting for the May 24 Primary Runoff begins Monday, May 16, and runs through Friday, May 20.

Included below is a list of early voting polling locations across Ector County.

Source: Ector County Elections Office

Republican Primary Runoff Races:

Texas Attorney General

-George P. Bush (Challenger)

-Ken Paxton (Incumbent)

Commissioner for the General Land Office (Open Seat)

-Tim Westley

-Dawn Buckingham

Railroad Commissioner

-Wayne Christian (Incumbent)

-Sarah Stogner (Challenger)

District Judge, 244th Judicial District (Open Seat)

-Lori Ruiz-Crutcher

-Cindy Weir-Nutter

In Precinct 204, Republican voters will also choose a Precinct Chair, with incumbent Precinct Chair Javier Joven facing challenger Richard Pierce for the spot.

In Precinct 312, incumbent Precinct Chair Judy Maikell Calloway will face challenger, Mark Matta.

Democrat Primary Runoff Races:

Lieutenant Governor

-Michelle Beckley

-Mike Collier

Texas Attorney General

-Joe Jaworski

-Rochelle Mercedes Garza

Comptroller of Public Accounts

-Janet T. Dudding

-Angel Luis Vega

Commissioner of the General Land Office

-Jay Kleberg

-Sandragrace Martinez

For more election related resources and information, check out this link to the Ector County Elections Office Website.