Both school bond ballot propositions by Ector County Independent School District (ECISD) totaling nearly a combined $400 million were overwhelmingly rejected by voters on Saturday with similar margins of defeat for each proposition.

Proposition A, which totaled $215,255,000, would have provided funding for various school maintenance projects, as well as funding for the construction of a new career and technical school campus. The proposition failed to pass, with final results showing 4,768 votes against (61.45%) to 3,003 votes for, or (38.55%).

Proposition B, which totaled $183,000,000, would have provided for the construction of a new high school located at the corner of Faudree and Yukon in Northeast Odessa. The proposition also failed to pass, with final results showing 5,043 votes against (64.75%) to 2,746 for, or (35.25%).

According to data from the Ector County Elections Office, just shy of eight thousand voters turned out for the May 7 election, a number that GOP Chairwoman Tisha Crow tells Odessa Headlines is a very high turnout for this election cycle.

“While we would always like to see more people vote, historically speaking this is a good turnout, and I am so proud of everyone who turned out and made their voices heard,” Crow said.

The Ector County Republican Party took a neutral position on the bond proposals.

The bond propositions were met with scrutiny from community members, particularly the proposed new school, with residents saying the selection of the Northeast Odessa location overlooked more pressing population growth needs in West Odessa.

The school district will now have to go back to the drawing board and decide if they are going to present another bond proposals for a future election date, and, what that proposal will look like.

Odessa Headlines will update this story with any new developments.