Local elections for the Republican and Democrat Primary Elections saw a mixture of results, with the most noticeable race being challenger Dustin Fawcett besting incumbent County Judge Debi Hays for the post. 

The only other county race for the Republican Primary with an incumbent potentially being in jeopardy is the Precinct Two Justice of the Peace, with incumbent Missi Walden so far narrowly avoiding a runoff against retired police officer Ron Hughes.  

In addition, Cindy Weir-Nutter will face Lori Ruiz-Crutcher in a May runoff election for the open seat on the 244th State District Court. 

Meanwhile, in the Democrat Primary, Precinct Four County Commissioner Armando Rodriguez was ousted by challenger Savannah Morales. Morales will face Republican Billy Hall in November.

Republican Primary Contested Election Results:  

County Judge 

Dustin Fawcett 5549 or 57.29%

Debi Hays (i) 4136 or 42.71%

District Judge 244 Judicial District 

-Cindy Wier-Nutter 4318 or 45.02%

-Lori Ruiz-Crutcher 3094 or 32.26%

-Dennis Jones 2179 or 22.72%

District Clerk 

-Clarissa Webster (i) 5642 or 62.19%

-Christina “Chris” Bryson 3430 or 37.81 

Commissioner Precinct Two 

-Greg Simmons 2535 or 53.95%

-Ryan Patton 1112 or 23.66

-Billy Tripp 1052 or 22.39

Justice of the Peace Precinct One 

-Terry Lange (i) 1057 or 57.41%

-Steven Brennan 434 or 23.57%

-Melissa Gonzales 350 or 19.01%

Justice of the Peace Precinct Two 

-Missi Walden (i) 2325 or 50.31%

-Ron Hughes 1484 or 32.11%

-Cynthia Moreno 812 or 17.57%

Justice of the Peace Precinct Three 

-Bill Bowen 1107 or 56.80%

-Freddy Redmon 587 or 30.12%

-Murle Graham 255 or 13.08%

Democrat Primary Contested Races:

County Commissioner Precinct Four 

-Armando Rodriguez (i) 296 or 39.10

-Savannah Morales 461 or 60.90%

Justice of the Peace Precinct Four 

-Elizabeth Baeza 423 or 53.95%

-Alford Littleton 217 or 27.68%

-Jesse Porras III 144 or 18.37%