The governing body of the Ector County Republican Party met Thursday evening in Odessa to discuss allegations against State Representative Brooks Landgraf and asked the lawmaker to attend the meeting and answer questions regarding the issue – an invitation he has now twice declined. 

This was the second attempt the party says they have made asking Landgraf to come before the party leadership and answer questions regarding a myriad of allegations that accuse the Odessa lawmaker of engaging in extramarital affairs and making inappropriate remarks regarding other public officials. 

Even with advanced notice, Landgraf has declined the invitation to tell his side of the story and has mostly maintained a position of public silence on the issue since the allegations first broke earlier this month except for a short comment at a forum where he told challenger Casey Gray he wouldn’t “be baited” by answering the accusations and that the truth would come out. 

While sources have told Odessa Headlines that Landgraf denies the allegations in private, publicly he has refused media inquiries and has remained silent on the issue. 

Several supporters of Landgraf took to social media ahead of the Thursday meeting, claiming the Party intended to censure Landgraf, and urged fellow supporters to rally in support of Landgraf outside the GOP Party headquarters during the meeting. 

Roughly six supporters were seen holding Landgraf’s signs outside the building during the meeting, while several counter-protestors were seen holding signs calling on Landgraf’s resignation. Two of Landgraf’s campaign members were also seen watching the building from across the street, despite Landgraf being absent. 

A post on Landgraf’s State Representative Facebook account indicated that the lawmaker was addressing the Andrews City Council regarding a highway infrastructure project. With redistricting, Andrews County, which includes the City of Andrews, was removed from Landgraf’s District 81 and is now part of House District 88, which is currently represented by Ken King (R-Canadian).

After what was described as a lengthy discussion, the Party released the following statement: 

As the Ector County Republican Party Executive Board, we are disturbed by the serious allegations of sexual improprieties by State Representative Brooks Landgraf.

On two separate occasions, each with ample advance notice, the Ector County Republican Party asked Mr. Landgraf to meet with the Executive Board to discuss these allegations and we are disturbed and frustrated by Mr. Landgraf’s unwillingness to meet with us.

We continue to call on Mr. Landgraf to address these serious allegations to the voters of House District 81.

Matt Stringer is a journalist from Odessa, Texas.